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Do you know how we all have a life story that would fill a book. 

A unique history full of memories about the people and places that affected our lives and those close to us. 

But sadly, memories like photographs can fade, and are lost to future generations. Which is why having your life or family history published as a keepsake is one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself and your family. 

What we do is organize, write, (as told to your editor in your own words) and publish family biographies and family and corporate histories in beautifully hand-crafted, limited – edition, library-quality, faux-leather-bound, hard-back editions with inlaid lettering on the cover called Your Memories To Last A Lifetime Keepsake Books™ full of photographs, documents and family memorabilia. We also publish Digital Keepsake Books™, digital copies of Your Memories To Last A Lifetime Keepsake Books™ which can be archived and easily updated, printed, uploaded to and downloaded from the Internet. 

We handle the details for our clients – they won’t be rushed and they and their loved one’s precious memories will be preserved forever, delighting family, friends, future generations. 

Customer Problem: The world’s “baby boomer” and “greatest generation" oral histories are being lost forever. Many spend years collecting pictures, documents, letters and stories in mostly-unseen, unorganized scrapbooks and binders. This process is time-consuming and unorganized. We organize, edit and publish their memories and stories, handling all details. 

Product/Services: Most everyone who sees our beautiful Lifetime Keepsake Books™ thinks about loved ones, family, memories, and keepsakes. 

The services our clients will receive include: 

▪ Beautifully bound in faux leather and printed on acid-free paper. 

▪ Digital copies for easy updating, reading, uploading and downloading. 

▪ Sensitively written “as told to your editor” in your own words. 

▪ Full of your photographs, documents and family memorabilia. 

▪ Recording your family's history for future generations. 

▪ Giving a unique, personal tribute to the people you love. 

▪ Delighting and surprising relatives and friends. 

Target Market: Initial U.S. target market is 61 million “baby boomers” over 60 and 6.7 million “millionaire households” with a desire to preserve their life, family and corporate stories. 


Competitive Advantages: We are the first and only “personal publishers” whose strategic plan is to dominate this untapped niche market with low cost to market entry.


▪ Low Cost – Maximum Profitability: Our low-cost production system, minimal overhead, access to one-off bindery, unique retail selling   system and inexpensive outsourced overseas labor insures our defensible market position and   profitability for years to a potential buyer.


▪ Market Domination: Our retail selling systems 'Book Profits' Retail Displays provides Revolutionary Retail Display commissions for retail   partners and a defensible retail sales platform.


Instant Profitability: Our online and offline ‘Share The Memories’   Consumer Contests allows us to pre-sell our services, promote with online and offline partners, and collect deposits even before we write one word, print one page or bind one book.


▪ Experience and Worldwide Expansion Plans: Our management team has publishing experience. Our global plan to license services overseas   provides limited risk, considerable upside potential, and overseas tax saving advantages when the company is sold. 

What risk mitigating milestones has The Family Publishers already achieved? 

Currently, we have completed an extended market analysis and are at a point where:


▪ A cost-effective interview and production process and plan has been prepared.  

▪ A national consumer awareness and retail sales campaign and sales materials are prepared. 

We have done all of the heavy lifting. 

Below are all of the benefits, agreements and documents that each franchisee will receive to successfully run their personal publishing business.

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The Family Publishers Inc. Franchise Business Opportunity


The Family Publishers Inc. Franchise Application Agreement


The Family Publishers Inc. Franchise Terms & Conditions Documentation


Executive Summary - Business Plan


Comprehensive Business Production Plan


Consumer Publishing Project Agreement


Proprietary One-Off Book Bindery


Consumer Contests Get New Customers


The Family Publishers, Inc. Plans International Expansion - Media Press Release


The Family Publishers, Inc. To Pursue, Barnes & Noble -Media Press Release


The Family Publishers, Inc. Announces New Consumer Contests & Retail Sales System -Press Release


Revolutionary Retail Display


Revolutionary Retail Display


Retailer Retail Display Sell Sheet For Retailers


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